What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Student Engagement?

I talk about student engagement A LOT ... and what I mean by that is students creating and sharing their learning — in their blogs, at their websites, and in the comments they leave for each other as they read and respond to each other's work. Every student is different, and they each have something unique and wonderful to contribute to the class as you can see in this Flickr slideshow with snapshots of some Storybook projects:

(want music? just click play below!)

I could go on and on about the amazing things that happen when students unleash their imaginations and share the results with one another... but instead of reading my words here, I'd urge you to go EXPLORE and take a look at their work! Here are some links:
To learn more about student writing and student writers, you might be interested in this blog post: The Shift from Teaching Content to ... Teaching Writers.

... And I'm looking forward to participating in Power of Connections this summer in order to share and explore the potential of connected learning together with you!
From everyone's favorite clarinet-player in Mumbai, Shankar Tucker:

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