Sample Assignment Schedules

One of my students wrote me today to ask just how exactly she could turn the class into a Tuesday-Thursday class, so I wrote up a few sample schedules to share.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION. As a way to encourage students to work ahead, I've created three sample schedules that simulate a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, a Tuesday-Thursday schedule, and a weekend-only schedule. You can see the schedules here: Designing Your Class Schedule.

DETAILS. As I explained in another post, the class is self-scheduled. Ideally, I wish students would be working a week or more ahead of schedule, and that way they are really ready for anything that comes up, able to just take time off from this class to handle anything that might happen unexpectedly, good or bad. At the same time, I am very aware that a lot of students just default into letting the daily deadlines dictate their schedule, which is certainly not going to be especially convenient for anybody. I'm not entirely sure that these schedules which I've created will be a perfect fit, but maybe just seeing the examples will inspire people to come up with the schedule that really does suit them best.

HISTORY. This is something brand-new as of September 2014; I am glad that I will have it ready in time for next semester where I can do a better job of promoting it right from the very start of the semester.

GOAL. My goal here is very simple: I would really like for every student to arrange the weekly schedule of assignments so that it fits conveniently into their other obligations!


I am so glad that this student wrote and asked me. From her email, I could tell that she really was stumped about how it would be possible to re-arrange the assignments. So, for sure these sample schedules can answer her question. Now I am hoping that maybe there are other students who might have the same question but who had not written to ask me. As always, it's really great when someone asks! Clearly it was something I would not have figured out to do on my own, and it will be great to have this in place next semester.

Aliud agendi tempus, aliud quiescendi.
There's a time for working and a time for resting.

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